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Montebaldo Bardolino Doc Le Grotte

Bright Ruby Red
Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara
16-18°C peppery dishes, sausage with polenta

Organoleptic characteristics

Brilliant ruby red in colour, the nose is frank and clean with spicy notes of white pepper that stand out above all, accompanied by hints of small red fruits and pomegranate. In the mouth, it is medium structured with dry tannins that are rounded by the ageing in amphora. The minerality and savouriness lend a good persistence to the palate that is immediately ready for a second sip.

Wine Pairing

The spicy note makes it a wine that goes well with dishes that are also “peppery”, excellent when paired with a carbonara or "cacio e pepe" pasta, as far as main courses are concerned, it is happily drunk with a grill or with a simple but tasty salamella with polenta.


The vinification is done without added sulphites, to do this the grapes are selected in the field, so as to choose only the healthiest ones, once in the cellar the alcoholic fermentation begins immediately, with a contact on the marc that can last 15 days or more. Once the alcoholic fermentation is over, only the flower wine is drawn off without pressing the marc, after three/four months of ageing in steel, the wine completes its refinement in amphora for about 12-14 months, and is then bottled.


The grapes that make up this wine come from a single vineyard called Le Grotte, a terraced vineyard supported by dry stone walls, at an altitude between 350 and 400 metres above sea level, with a south-southeast exposure. The cultivation system is the Pergola Veronese Doppia.

Località Gaon
Caprino Veronese (VR)
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