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Moscato Giallo Frizzante Dolce

Moscato Giallo 100%
sparkling sweet
10-12°C dessert

Organoleptic characteristics

A wine with a pale golden yellow colour, depending on the vintage. It is a sparkling wine made using the Martinotti method (charmat), with a fine-grained perlage and a good crown persistence. The nose reflects all the varietal aromatic characteristics, which are, however, very delicate and not overly intrusive. The main aromas are floral, of white flowers and roses. In the mouth it is slightly sweet, contrasting with a good acidity, also due to the presence of CO2, which makes it more pleasant. It is a sweet wine with a low alcohol content.

Wine Pairing

It is excellent when paired with all kinds of desserts, such as cakes, ice cream, pastries, etc.


The vinification of this wine begins with a traditional white wine-making process at a controlled temperature of 17/18°C. When the alcoholic fermentation reaches about 8/9 degrees alcohol, it is stopped first by bringing the wine to a temperature of about 3 degrees and then filtering it. At this point, the wine is put into an autoclave, where alcoholic fermentation starts again and frothing takes place. At the end of the frothing process, the wine obtained will have an increased alcohol content of approximately 1% vol. and a natural residual sugar content, without any additions.



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